CCDA 2017

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Project details

  • Assessment: Firstly we received access to all documentation, reports and structure of the company.
  • Business strategy: The next step was to draft a business strategy for business' future deelopment over a period of 2, 5 and 10 years.
  • Market research: An optimized business always starts with the team optimization.

Giving to others and sharing your knowledge make you healthier and happier!

It has never been easier to travel the globe than it is today. Volunteers have a unique opportunity to utilize their gifts and abilities to advance the work of our staff and national partners around the world. Careful planning and preparation is provided to ensure efforts are well placed and meaningful ministry occurs for all involved.

Teams are often formed by local churches, colleges or at the request of a particular field. Opportunities are also provided through our office. If you have a particular interest or specific that you would like to offer, contact our office to request an application. The information you provide will help match your interest and skills to a particular need either immediately or in the future.

Five types of service opportunities are available:

  • Ministry Teams – meet specific needs while at the same time providing opportunity for participants to “test the waters” for future ministry. Generally, teams are made up of younger volunteers (high school, college student or young adult), but there are certainly no age limits. Ministry teams may use sports, music, mime, puppets, activities for children and youth or English tutoring as vehicles for ministry.
  • Medical Teams – offer medical care and assistance in areas where development is required and resources are not abundant. We are constantly looking for health care professionals and nurses in all fields of medicine, dentistry and optometry to help provide the healing touch of God in hurting peoples’ lives.
  • Prayer Teams – provide spiritual intercession while “on-site.” These teams are usually smaller groups that are prepared to listen to missionaries and nationals express spiritual needs, gain a sense for the spiritual climate of the culture and spend time praying while on the field and motivating others to pray with them when they return home.
  • Work Teams – help in the construction of mission houses, clinics, schools, churches and camps. Work teams provide practical assistance in “concrete” terms for many fields.
  • Short-Term – generally refers to volunteers who are sent to minister to a specific need for a period of three months to one year. Volunteers may respond to educational, technical, medical or development needs.